Sunday, July 17, 2011

Long time no see!

It’s been a long time hasn’t it?

I’ve been meaning to update, but I’ve never been able to find the time. First; it was the panic of exams that made me steer clear of cooking altogether. My meals consisted of apples, porridge and toast on occaision. Then, when exams were finally over, I got hit with the flu for a week and a half and spent my days lying in bed or at work, wishing I wasn’t. My ‘cooking’ for that period consisted of peanut butter on toast, when I had the energy to make it. Finally, things were looking up and I was all better and ready to make something!

But, alas, life had other plans for me. My boss had taken a holiday to France, and I had taken over some of his duties. When he left, he told me it would involve coming in to work about four hours early two days a week. HA.


On top of waitressing almost every night, I found myself having to go to work EVERYDAY. Never have I regretted anything so much as accepting that role. To top it off, now that my boss is finally coming back, we’ve lost three staff members. Which means, when he does return there is only me and one other waitress to cover the floor, as well as the host and the boss himself. This, my friends, is bad news because Uni starts the week he gets back! Ah, the awful irony of it all!

Anyway, I’m feeling a little more cheerful now. I got my uni results back – a 7 (high distinction) for contract law, a 6 (distinction) for constitutional and two 5s (credits) for French and Criminal Law. Yay! Plus, I’m looking forward to having a little less responsibility on my shoulders (I finally appreciate how hard my boss’ job is!), and to uni starting.

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I road tripped out to Somerset Dam so that I could say that I had at least been somewhere during these holidays.

It was a gorgeous, crisp and cloudy day and we both had a great time.


It took about two hours to drive out there...and for a good hour the petrol marker was sitting comfortably on the white. There were no towns nearby, and no petrol stations. My poor boyfriend was terrified that we’d end up stranded, however I remained calm and told him to keep driving, I’m sure we’d get to a petrol station eventually.

Lo, and behold! Just as the fuel light started flashing, we reached Somerset Dam and a petrol station! I discreetly uncrossed my fingers and toes.


My boyfriend was only too patient as I ran around taking photos over everything!


It was just lovely to be outside, away from a computer and in the midst of such beautiful scenery.


I haven’t really travelled around mch of Qeensland – other than the sunshine and gold coast hinterlands, I’ve pretty much stayed in the city. My boyfriend was actually astounded that I’d never been to Somerset Dam!

On the way back we stopped at ‘The Old Fernvale Bakery’, which advertised being the most awarded pie shop in Queensland. Well. I think the boy and I would have something to say about that, because they barely had any! No sausage rolls and only one type of pastie left! I got a muffin and grumbled admirably over it.

The boy seemed to find this amusing and explained to me that ‘no one ever expects much from muffins’. Apparently, as he says, there are simply some foods that no one expects much from. Muffins are one of them. Now, I’ve never heard of this before. I pretty much expect PURE AWESOMENESS from all food. So tell me, guys, are there any foods that you just know aren’t going to impress you?


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